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Jennifer Louise Munson Bio (Part Two)

Adult Years

In July of 2003 Jennifer returned to Oakdale, now portrayed by Jennifer Ferrin.  She had quit modeling after a failed relationship, and having learned that her brother Paul had died she paid a visit to his crypt.  When she saw Barbara, she insisted on knowing why Paul had died.  Although Barbara continued to blame it on the plane crash, Jennifer finally learned the truth that Paul had left town after Barbara had brought Dusty Donovan  to town to split up Paul and Rose D'Angelo. Much to everyone's surprise Paul returned to town alive and well a few days later.  Paul was insistent that Jennifer stay away from Barbara and gave her his side of the story as to what had happened.  Despite not accepting her mother's actions, she chose to stick by Barbara and continue to live with her.  As a result, she found herself caught in the middle between Barbara and Paul.  Jennifer's path soon crossed with that of Dusty Donovan.  Paul wanted to reconcile with his former fiancée Rose, who was now involved with Dusty.  Jennifer used her charms to try to seduce Dusty to get him away from Rose so that Paul and Rose would reunite.  While nothing happened between Dusty and Jennifer, Paul and Rose did reconcile.  In the following months, the feud between Barbara and Paul only escalated with Will caught in the middle. The feud came to a head the end of the year when Will poisoned Paul's fiancée Rose in an effort to prevent Paul from leaving.  As a result, Rose died and when the truth came out, Will was sent to a mental hospital.  Paul appeared to forgive Barbara, which Jennifer welcomed, and while she wasn't sure if she should believe it, she felt it was best for Will to know his family was reconciled.

Things were tenuous at best at BRO between Barbara, Paul and Jennifer but only became more complicated with the entrance of Barbara's new assistant, Jordan Sinclair.  Paul immediately disliked Jordan, and Jennifer initially rebuffed him, but she soon changed her mind and they become good friends, headed towards romance.  Unfortunately for Jennifer, she wasn't the only one interested in Jordan, as Rosanna Cabot, who had just returned to Oakdale, showed an unexplained interest in him.  Rosanna had been away from Oakdale after learning the child she had adopted with her husband Craig Montgomery was obtained illegally and they had to give him up.  Things heated upmore at BRO as Barbara hired designer Carly Tenney and gave Jordan purchasing power, without telling her children why or about the secret she was keeping.  The night of Barbara's big style show, everything came to a head.  Paul, feeling like Barbara was squeezing him out of the company admitted that he had never forgiven her for what had happened to Rose and was really planning all along to ruin Barbara and steal the company.  While Barbara refused to believe this, Paul pulled out papers that Paul had tricked her into signing, turning the company over to him.  The victory for Paul was bittersweet as Barbara finally admitted the reason she had hired Jordan and Carly was because she had a tumor which had caused her to be blind.  Barbara headed home that night for treatment and made a full recovery.

Rosanna continued to pursue Jordan and begged him to marry her.  Rosanna didn't understand why, but in order to get Cabot returned to her, she needed to marry Jordan.  Jordan realized things were out of Rosanna's control and agreed to marry her.  Jordan was able to calm Jennifer's fears by convincing her that this was only a marriage of convenience and it would only be temporary.  But nothing is ever what it appears and it soon became known that Jordan was actually the son of James Stenbeck and Cabot was in fact his biological son.  While Jordan initially had no interest in his son, and was ready to sign over all parental rights to Rosanna, Jennifer encouraged him not to do that and to become part of his son's life.  Jordan quickly formed a strong bond with Cabot and Jennifer was very supportive of that relationship.

Barbara was horrified that Jordan was actually the son of James and insisted that Jennifer end her relationship with him so that James wouldn't wind up hurting Jennifer. Jennifer refused and caused Barbara even more anxiety when she discovered that Jennifer and Jordan were sleeping together.  Actually she was afraid that Jordan might be her son and that perhaps she had twins when Paul was born and one was kept from her.  Right Barbara; did you not notice the 10 year age difference?  And as so often seems to happen, keeping it all in the family, Rosanna became involved with Paul.  Paul moved into Fairwinds along with Jordan and Rosanna to try to help protect her.  Now Barbara had to worry about Paul getting caught in James' web also, so she worked desperately to try to breakup the two couples.  Of course the more she fought them, the more determined the two couples were to stay together.  Paul thought he had found the perfect plan so that Rosanna and Jordan could divorce and he and Rosanna could be together.  He arranged to have James transferred to a new prison. Then Barbara did the unthinkable and helped James to escape from custody as he was being transferred.  Shortly after that James kidnapped Cabot and Rosanna. Paul found them, but James had set up a bomb in the cabin.  Paul was able to rescue Rosanna, but it appeared that Cabot had died in the explosion.  Both Jordan and Rosanna were distraught.  Rosanna pushed Paul away and in their grief Rosanna and Jordan turned to each other.  Unfortunately Jennifer discovered this and could not forgive Jordan, ending their relationship.  Barbara tried to explain her actions by saying if she hadn't helped James he would have harmed her younger son, Will.

After her relationship with Jordan ended, Jennifer started spending time with her sister Nikki.  Nikki had become attracted to Mike Kasnoff.  Likewise, Henry Coleman, a friend of Mike's had become interested in Nikki.  So the four of them started doing things together, with Nikki and Henry scheming to get together with the objects of their affection which sadly weren't interested in them.  Nikki only had eyes for Mike and well, Mike still had feeling for Katie Perretti who had left town at this point.  Jennifer and Mike's lives became intertwined when he inspired her and then became the model for her fledgling company Street Jeans.  As they spent more time together, they continued to grow closer and couldn't deny their feelings for each other and finally decided to pursue a relationship together.  To complicate things, Katie Perretti returned to town after spotting Mike's ad in a magazine.  Jennifer had her doubts but Mike convinced her that it was Jennifer that he truly loved.

Things would only become more complicated.  Street Jeans was now owned by Worldwide Industries and Jennifer and Paul, who had been working there, were informed that Craig Montgomery was being named the new manager of Street Jeans.  Paul wanted no part of it but Jennifer begrudgingly agreed to work with Craig instead of walking away from the company she was so proud of.  Craig was concerned about Jennifer spending too much time with Mike instead of on her job and set up obstacles for Jennifer and Mike, including trying to get Katie back in Mike's life.  Katie was anxious to reunite with Mike, so she was scheming on her own, making her more than a willing, ready and able co-conspirator without even knowing it. 

On the night of Jennifer's big style show, Mike was busy helping Katie.  While Jennifer assured Mike he didn't need to be there, lurking in the background was Craig who took advantage of the situation and made sure Jennifer learned that Mike was with Katie.  Jennifer thought that she had lost Mike and made a mistake that she would live to regret forever.  After too many drinks she slept with Craig Montgomery!  Jennifer immediately regretted it and things only got worse as Craig blackmailed her by saying he would only keep quiet about it if she stayed at Street Jeans.  Jennifer finally convinced Sierra that she wouldn't work with Craig and Dusty Donovan was brought over to run the company, and rekindled the Dusty/Jennifer friendship.  Jennifer was honest with Mike about her night with Craig, but was soon horrified to discover that she was pregnant. 

Jennifer knew she didn't want Craig to be part of the baby's life and Mike surprised Jennifer by offering to raise the baby as his own.  Paul convinced Jennifer that if she was going to keep the baby that she had to leave town immediately and never return, in order to keep Craig out of her life.  Craig could never know this was his child.  Jennifer and Mike left for Las Vegas to marry and begin their life together.  However, Katie had figured out the truth, that her brother Craig was in fact the father of the baby and accidentally let it slip out.  Craig was not fooled for long, nor was he tricked by the bogus itinerary that Paul had set up for them and he quickly tracked them to Las Vegas, stopping the wedding.  Everyone then returned to Oakdale.

Sierra and Dusty had become frustrated with Jennifer when she left Oakdale and were ready to close Street Jeans.  Barbara and Paul met with them and convinced them to give her one more chance.  They proceeded to convince them that Craig was the real problem and should never be allowed to be a part of the baby's life.  They formed a plan and with the help of Craig's sister, Margo Hughes, they set up a plot to run Craig out of the country for good on drug smuggling charges. With Craig apparently gone for good, Jennifer and Mike finally felt like they could get on with their lives.  Jennifer and Mike then went ahead with planning their future as a family and finally were able to get married.  While Katie, who was now married to Henry, hoped that Mike would realize that he was making a mistake and call it all off, the wedding went off without a hitch.

Happiness was short lived as a few weeks later Craig returned to Oakdale.  Rosanna had also returned to Oakdale, and heartbroken that she couldn't get Paul to understand why she had left him, she agreed to marry Craig.  Craig hoped with the marriage that he would be able to get custody of his child.  Jennifer had found an ally in Dusty.  While Mike thought with Rosanna's help they could convince Craig to back off, Jennifer and Dusty plotted to make it appear that  Craig had pushed Jennifer and caused her to fall.  However both Rosanna and Katie believed Craig that he had been setup.  After overhearing Jennifer on the phone with Dusty, Mike questioned Jennifer and when he realized that once again she had turned to Dusty for help and kept the truth from Mike, he decided he could no longer forgive her and took off for a hotel in Chicago where he ran into Katie and reunited with her.

A terribly distraught Jennifer learned that Mike had headed to Chicago and went looking for him.  Things only got worse for Jennifer when she got to Mike's hotel room and discovered Katie there in the room with him.  While he said he never meant to hurt her, it was clear that Mike wanted to be with Katie now, and had really never been over her as he had so often told Jennifer that he was.  As Jennifer is leaving she experiences a sharp pain.  Mike offers to call a doctor but Jennifer says she will be alright.  As she is driving home, a tearful Jennifer places a call to Dusty instantly alarming him. Jennifer says she is heading to her mother's cabin, so Dusty finds out where that is and rushes off to meet her.  Alone in the cabin, Jennifer tries to change a light bulb and falls.  While not injured, she does start experiencing labor pains.  With no cell phone service, Jennifer is unable to call for help and hopes she can make it back to town on her own, only to realize that the contractions are too close together and she won't be able to drive.

Fortunately Dusty arrived at the cabin just in time.  While he had every intention of rushing Jennifer to the hospital, she quickly made him realize that it was too late.  Dusty had no idea about delivering a baby, but managed to support and comfort Jennifer through the whole process to deliver the baby. A strong bond was formed that night as Dusty felt a special connection, having delivered Jennifer's baby boy. Knowing time was of the essence since the baby was premature  Dusty prepared to rush the baby to the hospital, only to discover that Jennifer was now in danger too, so immediately raced both to the hospital.  Coincidently the same night at the hospital a teenage girl, Gwen Norbeck also gave birth to a premature baby boy.  Gwen had decided to give her baby up for adoption to none other than Craig Montgomery and his wife Rosanna.  Sadly it appeared Jennifer's baby just wasn't strong enough and within a day he had died.

Jennifer was heartbroken having to say goodbye to her son.  She had named him John Dustin after the brother that she never had a chance to know, and after the man who delivered the baby.  Once again Dusty was there for her every step of the way, helping her get through the pain.  Mike wanted to be there for her too, but Jennifer pushed him away, knowing that their marriage was over.  Shortly afterwards, Rosanna was in a tragic accident and was left in a coma, and eventually sent to Switzerland.  Craig was the one who had forced her off the road and was sent to prison.  The pain continued to just get worse for Jennifer and sadly she turned to drugs.  Fortunately both Dusty and Meg Snyder realized what was happening and sought help for her. Her brother Paul had her committed to get her help.  Dusty stood by Jennifer and was the only one who seemed to think Jennifer could possibly be right that her baby was still alive. 

As Dusty started to do some investigating he learned that another baby, Gwen Norbeck's, had been born that same night as Jennifer's.  Becoming suspicious, he asked for help from Meg Snyder and at the same time also got a lead on the nurse who had been on duty the night the two babies were born.  Jennifer and Dusty took off for Florida to see the nurse, who sadly stood them up.  In the meantime they were growing closer and could no longer deny their feelings for one another.  When they started to make love though, Jennifer decided she just couldn't give herself to Dusty, until she found her baby.  Unfortunately Meg saw and overheard them in the hotel room and Meg too was in love with Dusty.  Feeling betrayed by Dusty and being berated by Paul, Meg decided not to deliver the news she had brought with her. The DNA tests had proven Jennifer's baby was alive!  Everyone returned to Oakdale but Jennifer and Dusty were still as determined as ever to find out where Jennifer's baby was.  Jennifer felt a bond with Johnny and was still certain that he was in fact, alive.  They got Meg to run a blood test to prove that this was Jennifer's baby, only to have the tests prove one and for all that it wasn't.

Finally convinced that her baby wasn't alive, Jennifer decided she had to move on.  but seeing Dusty was too much of a reminder for her so she pushed him out of her life.  Dusty then moved in with Meg, but Meg's guilt soon became to much for her to handle and she started to put the wheels in motion that finally got the truth out, that Jennifer's baby was alive!  Finally Dusty was able to do what he was trying to do for so long.  He returned Jennifer's baby to her!  The truth came out that Paul had known all along that Craig had switched the babies and Emily had helped keep the secret.  Paul begged for Jennifer's forgiveness, but she couldn't accept his reasoning that he had done this to protect her from Craig.  Jennifer told Paul he was now dead to her! 

Jennifer was now having a hard time denying her feelings for Dusty, but he was with Meg.  However, that suddenly came to an end on New Year's Eve when Dusty discovered the truth that Meg had known about the baby switch for months.  The fact that Meg finally helped expose the truth meant nothing to Dusty.  He kicked Meg out of his life and was angry at himself for having been fooled by her.  Dusty then went to Jennifer and told her the truth, both about Meg and about his real feelings for Jennifer.  Dusty admitted he had never stopped loving Jennifer.  Once Jennifer had made sure that things were truly over with Dusty and Meg, she finally told Dusty what she had been longing to tell him.  Jennifer was in love with Dusty, too.  Finally they could start the future they have both been longing for.

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